"The Universe was manifested out of the Divine Sound, from it came into being The Light."  Tabriz

I have generally allowed my work to speak for itself, but it is much appreciated when others do it for me.  In the past twenty three years, here are some of the comments from colleagues, clients/patients and students:

"Lana is an excellent teacher and healer, who lives her work. I have taken two sound healing classes with her as well as time with her personally. She is a loving, caring, compassionate human being who is sharing her life's work with integrity and expertise. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity." (Rickie Freedman, Physical Therapist, Reiki Master-Teacher, Owner Reiki by Rickie and Reiki Learning Place, Harrisburg, Pa)

"Lana is an exceptional facilitator, and a positive, affirming business woman. She was Founder and Director of Tree of Life Healing Associates, LLC, and had me there to teach workshops and offer private sessions with clients. Her offices were beautifully appointed, warm and the office was well-managed.  Her support services were exceptional and all events promoted well.  I would not hesitate to recommend Lana as facilitator or host to other presenters.
(Robin Rice, Owner of Be Who You Are Productions, Writer, Shaman)

"Lana is a virtuous sound healer, massage therapist, and Reiki teacher and practitioner.  I have had the honor of teaching beside her and have witnessed the joy and excitement she ignites in her students as she shares knowledge and her passion. Lana has the gift of Voice to calm your mind, body and spirit."
(Kathleen Baker, aka Kat Saraswati, founder Lapis Studio of Sound Serenity)

"Lana is dedicated and committed to her passion for health and healing.  Her passion motivates her to share her knowledge for the health, healing and enccouragement of others. She is also a beautiful, wonderful and caring friend." (Betty Jones)

"Lana is an excellent and engaging teacher, fully pressent no matter how large or how small the class. Her energy is uplifting and her attention to detail gives every student the opportunity to excel.  As a writer, she shares information with heart and creativity as well as accuracy."
(Natalie Bliss, Reiki and Sound Therapy Consultant)
"You are such a giving and sharing teacher.  I don't know any other teacher who promotes not only their former students but colleagues as well, and gives them the opportunities to share the stage so to speak, like you do.  You teach by example.  You show us how to promote one another and not compete,  and to give back on a regular basis." (Deborah Eisenhart, LMT, Sound Practitioner)

"You shared so much knowledge, information and love. I loved the hands on experience of all the different instruments." (MD, Harrisburg, Pa)
"I loved learning so much about such an amazing therapy(sound). It went by so quickly. Thank you for a life-changing class." (DV, York, Pa)
"Your class was everything I expected and more.  Well worth the time and money invested. Life changing..." (JW, Lancaster, Pa)
"You are a wonderful teacher and your classes not only give me a lot of information but give me inspiration." (BB, Harrisburg, Pa)
"Much gratitude for the beautiful sound work with my son.  I know it helped him make the transition to the other side much more peacefully." (NB, York, Pa)
"The sound massage was awesome! I am sleeping better using the toning exercise! Thank you!!" (MB, Centerville, Pa)
"I keep coming back to you because for me you are simply the best.  I have been to other healers who were helpful
but no one helped my overall health like you have!" (LC, Dallastown, Pa)
"I very much enjoyed your presentation...I requested to have you back.  I think it was pretty unanimous we were all
blown away by your knowledge, talent and enthusiasm with sound." (BR, Maryland)
"Your class in ethics at the state AMTA was the best.  And I know you practice what you preach. Good Job! Thank you!" (PL, Phila., Pa)
"To me you are what a healer should be. You are knowledgeable and always taking education to stay current, you are caring and professional,
and you have a medical background which I feel helps you understand my physical issues better than someone who doesn't.  You listen to what I say, and you have taught me how to make better choices for my health. And I like that you are such a loving, positive person.  Your office is beautiful, too!" (KS, York, Pa)
"Thank you for everything you taught me in the business class.  I never thought business could be such an inspiring class!" (JH, Lititz, Pa)
"You sing with the voice of an angel! You have a healing voice!" (RT, Mechanicsburg, Pa)
"After that one sound session with you and you took the time to explain simply how sound works, I have to say it changed my life."(JD, Harrisburg)
"Wow, I never thought after just ten minutes, my knee and foot pain would be gone. Plus I am so balanced and grounded. And your voice
brought tears to my eyes like I was being called home. The language of light was so comforting. It's like I didn't understand the words yet
I knew what it meant. That was powerful." MH, Lemoyne, Pa.

A few of the instruments lined up and awaiting use, a class at a local community college where massage therapy students get some play time in with the instruments, and a more recent Intro to Sound as Therapy class:

sound instruments in a row 2012                       Lana at HACC Sept 2015
 Sound Therapy class Tiffany and harp     Sound therapy-class table with manuals

Just a word about my certification as a Holistic Health Coach:

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. With my knowledge, we co-create completely personalized actions based on your goals to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources.  I decided to study nutrition and dietary theories to be able to round out my holistic health education and speak with confidence and knowledge to my clients and students about making better lifestyle choices for their health.