Training, Education, Experience                                                                                                                     Lana Pyramid
All the years of training, education and experience in both the allopathic and holistic fields have culminated to bring me to this place where I can best serve my clients and students by offering a more comprehensive approach to teaching, healing, wellness and healthy aging.  My experience in healing music ministry began nearly 40 years ago, using my voice as primary instrument.  I did not fully realize at the time how the Spirit was using my voice and the frequencies or tones within to touch and move the hearts and minds of people in spite of many comments from people attesting to the fact.  I believe now, as I did then, it is a Gift and I am blessed to use it in an ever-increasing awareness of specific tones, notes and sound.  As a Licensed massage and energy therapist of 23 years, my continuing education has been ongoing. I fully understand how to teach sound for use integratively in such practices.  This is how my ReikiSoundTM and Sonic MassageTM classes and curriculum were created, through years of working with hundreds of clients and students to introduce those practitioners and therapists to Sound Therapy.  Years of teaching the business curriculum at area massage schools also came from my years of education and practice in the business, public relations and marketing world.  This led me to create my Heartfull MarketingTM class, after being regularly contacted by former business class students and colleagues for business coaching over the past ten years.  My ReikiVoice class evolved from my VoiceSpeak class and focuses on use of the voice in toning, chanting, speaking and singing therapeutically, including improvisational voice, vocal Language of Light and the kotodama.  The inaugural class was first held in 2008, and is held once a year at the present time.   

Studying voice with Margaret Moul Carli, Sandra Stouffer and others prepared me for work as featured soloist, choir director, worship director and concert artist throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Ohio.  At one point I put all that aside for a few years to concentrate more on studying and practicing hands-on healing, but I picked it up again when I began studying how to use the voice in ways that would help motivate others on their healing journey.  In the last two years, I have been working with improvisational, heart-centered Language of Light combined with many years of experience with numerous indigenous instruments for use in my massage, energy and sound therapy practice to bring balance and peace for clients, groups and in public concerts.  

My classes to the general public on the introduction to the fundamentals of sound therapy were the first and only ones in the immediate Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Pa area for many years. The purpose of these original classes was and continues to be to introduce anyone to using voice, music, sound and frequencies, to let them get their hands on a variety of instruments, to experience the sounds for themselves.  Often students of these classes are drawn to one or more instruments and decide to pursue a more in depth study with either myself or with one of a few teachers to whom I refer.  There are now a few more teachers who can take the serious student of sound down the path of becoming a sufficiently trained, educated and heart-centered sound practitioner.  My years of experience in massage and energy therapies, as both practitioner and teacher, give me the necessary training and practical insight to teaching massage and energy therapists how to integrate using sound therapy in their practices at the basic level.   I continue to learn and study, and re-learn, and even unlearn.  I see clients privately on a limited basis in addition to teaching which is my main focus.  I also receive regular sound, energy and massage sessions on a weekly basis. You cannot take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself.  

I graduated from Massage School in 1995 and continued to study holistic healing modalities including other massage and hands-on modalities, energy therapies, and sound therapies.  My experience as founder and director of a holistic healing center(Tree of Life Healing Associates, LLC) for eleven years, combined with teaching the business curriculum and numerous continuing ed. classes at two area massage schools perhaps taught me most about healing and wholeness.  The hundreds of students and clients over the years certainly contributed invaluable information to my learning experience.  I have several associates working with me as needed. Each are gifted practitioners in their own right. Most of them are former students of mine and have gone on to study sound more in depth with a variety of teachers and schools of thought about sound.  Beware of the teacher who says their way is the only way or those who cause division or confusion. Light and Love will always prevail when ego tries to beat others down.  Sound is a vast subject, and no one of us has all the answers! We can all learn from one another.  As Alexandre Tannous says, "We do not know what we do not know..." And yet there are some myths that need to be addressed.  An educated and wise practitioner is open to learning what is myth and what is fact. This is also the basis for my Heartful MarketingTM business coaching and classes.  This is based on the fact that there is plenty of work for us all, and as we share and promote the work of others, we all benefit.  There are ethical ways involved in determining whose work you are comfortable with in promoting. Ethics, integrity, honesty, respect, generosity and thoughtful consideration as well as sound business principles. 

A number of years ago I began self-studying nutrition.  What kind of a healer would be ignorant of nutrition and lack healthy nourishment while offering healing to her clients?  I thought I new enough about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices.  As I continued to study sound and energy therapies, I realized that we heal and nourish our bodies with all frequencies, not just food.  In fact, food has its own frequencies or energies not only in its structure but in color and taste.  This led me to understanding how sound nourishes us.  So while my current practice focus is Sound Therapy, I have training as a holistic health coach to complement that in working with clients and students.  "If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?!"

I have been a professional musician(vocalist-blues, jazz and jazz-rock bands), director of worship music in independent non-denominational churches, gospel music ministry, choir director, studied and taught voice.... as well as a medical assistant, otolaryngic office manager, allergy technician, clinical coordinator of massage and body therapies at WellSpan's Center for Mind Body Health in York, Pa., blood bank representative, television account executive, television and radio copywriter and voice-overs for commercials, and volunteer coordinator for York House, an AIDS Hospice founded by Joy Ufema, RN. I have written numerous articles for local holistic publications, been guest speaker or teacher at such venues as Bucknell University, Penn State-Harrisburg, Millersville College, York Hospital, Harrisburg Hospital, AMTA-Pa State convention and local chapter, and many holistic expos, women's events, churches and corporate health fairs. I am author of self-published book, Sound Nourishment: Using the Energies of Food and Sound for Health.

1995 Graduate Lancaster School of Massage (Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity, Connective Tissue, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Spa modalities, Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology). Pa. State License # MSG001817

2011 Graduate Institute for Integrative Nutrition
2012 Graduate of IIN Immersion Program

Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Member International Association of Reiki Practitioners (IARP) 
Minister of the Universal Life Church

Continuing Education: Dream Analysis with Kay Woods, PhD, Shamanic Workshops with Robin Rice, Aromatherapy and essential oils with Sharon Bibb, Aromatherapy Basics with Linda Weibrecht, RN Clinical Aromatherapist with Pinnacle Health, Healing Touch Level I with Barbara Latham, PhD Harrisburg Hospital, Voice BioAnalysis Levels I and II with Dr. Kay Thompson-Liu, Sound classes, lectures and workshops with Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Jonathan Goldman, Jill Mattson, Mitch Nur, Claude Stein(Finding Your Voice), Jim Donovan, James Twyman, Alexandre Tannous, Phil Sheva Jones
Personal Growth and Continuing Ed workshops: M. Scott Peck, MD, Carolyn Myss, PhD, JoAnn Ramsey, RN, Ted Andrews, Deepak Chopra, Neal Barnard, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton

My background and training is varied and I have spent many years practicing and studying numerous healing modalities in both allopathic and holistic medicine. I have not listed them all, but wanted to give you an idea of what I bring to the table, literally.

I also have written my own Usui Reiki Training manuals for all levels, and am author and creator of ReikiSoundTM, and the ReikiSound Student Manual. And, Sound Therapy: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Beginning to Use Sound, Voice and Music in the Healing Arts, and Sonic MassageTM: An Introduction to Utilizing Sound Therapy integratively for the Licensed Massage Therapist.  These manuals are only obtained through taking the classes at this time.  There is no official board for accountability or standards in the field of sound therapy, sound medicine, vibrational therapy, harmonic therapy or whatever name you hear it called.  Anyone can give you a certificate for any class, thus you're "certified."  In recent years, my requirements for bestowing a certificate of completion have increased. Students are then able to list sound therapy in their practice modalities. I am a state licensed Massage Therapist which includes all my practice modalities including sound and energy therapies.